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Claridges Hotel


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Claridge’s is one of the most iconic hotels in London’s Mayfair. It
embodies grand English style, timeless glamour and impeccable,
intuitive and highly tailored service.
As London’s ‘Art Deco Jewel’, Okto worked closely with Interior
Designer Guy Oliver and Lighting Design International to deliver
a world class design and installation, that seamlessly integrated
into the historic surroundings.
We were brought into Claridge’s to help overhaul and simplify the
historical, highly complex lighting system.
The end design was a fully automated system based on
replicating the colour temperature of natural light streaming
through the windows. From a cooler temperature mid morning,
gradually warming in the afternoon and finally dimming into the
evening. The changes in each lighting scene take place over 120
minutes, so natural is the process that the change is completely
undiscernable to clients.
As the system is fully automated, the system essentially manages
itself, with the staff never needing to touch the lighting controls.





Contract Value: