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The Okto™ Experience

Welcome to the OKTO Experience

When you employ OKTO, we provide you with an experience unlike any other.

Our company culture ensures that each project is engaged in with a passion to excel at every level: smoothing out your journey, making it stress free, and giving you back time… that precious and priceless commodity.

Deadlines set, deadlines met

Our well-practised procedures for pre-installation checking means that we can set our deadlines in stone, slashing site installation times, snapping our systems together on site and totally avoiding those irritating last-minute complications.

This way of working – coupled with our philosophy of continuous improvement – allows us to deliver excellent technology solutions and unrivalled peace of mind for you… on time, every time.

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“People judge you by your performance, so focus on the outcome. Be a yard stick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellent is expected.”

Steve Jobs

Our Pre-Plan culture…

We believe that everything is in the preparation. And while every single Okto solution is bespoke to a particular project, our well-practised protocol (centred around our Mirror Build Process) means a thoroughly fast tracked completion.

• Labour-saving installation – In One Third of the Time

• Bespoke design – meticulous approach & right first time

• Deadlines set in stone – met & improved upon

• Unique Mirror Build Process: all systems fully commissioned & pre-tested 

• Quicker completion and turnaround on your project

• Fast Tracked, Risk Free, Future Proofed

• Reduced preliminaries costs


Mirror Build Process

Guaranteeing greater peace of mind… and time-saving installation

At Okto, we set out to alleviate all possible complications long before they even arise. Thus, we help you save on perhaps the greatest commodity of all… your time.

And the key to delivering this is our revolutionary Mirror Build Process.

By thoroughly pre-planning your project, and by carrying out a full test installation off-site prior to actual site installation, we ensure that each component functions as required and that there are absolutely no connection or control issues.

Unique to Okto, this Mirror Build Process is a fool-proof approach that allows us to deliver totally snag-free systems:

• Everything works first time on installation

• No compatibility issues whatsoever

• Installation complete in One Third of the Time

• No need for return visits after initial installation

• And no need to have a lot of our team on site, as most of the work has been completed back at our offsite HQ

A thirst for perfection, a desire to out-perform

A true team player

Working collaboratively with our partners

At Okto,  we are a true team player, pure and simple.

From our first engagement with all of our collaborative partners, through to timely completion, we help ensure total peace of mind on the journey with us.


“We will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence. I am not remotely interested in just being good.”

Vince Lombardi

Collaboration is Key Across All The Teams…

And we’re at the heart of it
Over the years, we have gained a reputation as an especially proactive partner, particularly when it comes to working and coordinating with the other trades.  We liaise closely with them at all times and carefully pre-plan so that there are no co-ordination issues on site.  Not only that, the reduction we bring to installation time and on-site labour means that the impact on concurrent works by other contractors is significantly reduced.

And because of our guarantee of snag-free installation, we’re simply never in the way as your project nears completion.




Simplicity for the user…

At OTKO, we pride ourselves on the ultimate simplicity of our solutions, despite the often necessary complexity at their core. User experience is always at the forefront of our mind and we are happy to say that it is a creative and analytical process that we happen to excel at.

Modern, minimalist and user-friendly

As a result, our reputation is for delivering some of the most modern, minimalist and user-friendly systems in the world.

Ultimately, of course, it is the end user experience that truly determine the success of our solutions.

And that has always been 100% positive